Welcome everyone!!!

Over 30 years in business at this same "brick and mortar" location in Etobicoke (now Toronto):  however, we've down-sized, it's a one-man show with lots of help from family, friends and understanding customers.  We'll do our best to make it right and to see that you are fully satisfied. Remember, we're on the second floor of the Kingsway Cinema. As usual, we'd love to sell your older comic back issues (whether they be in the $100s or just a lot of $1-books). Our consignment fee is 25%.  Better items maybe listed on e-bay as well.  Sampling of collectibles we deal in are listed on this web-site (posted in 2010), however some of the items may have sold, so please call and/or e-mail us (excaliburcomicstoronto@hotmail.com) for availabity, thank you and Happy Collecting!!!  

INTERNET HOURS:  24/7                               

STORE HOURS:        Wednesday        9 am    -  7 pm                                  
Thursday           3 pm    -  7 pm 
 Friday               9 am    -  9 pm
 Saturday             9 am    -  6 pm  

We're just up the stairs from the Kingsway Theatre.