United States $10 1914 Federal Reserve Note (when hemp farming was legal)

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Hemp was farmed since the founding of the US. Taxes paid to the king of England was payable also in hemp. The declaration of independence was also written on hemp paper. Mr Diesel created his diesel engine originally using hemp fuel (see prohibition conspiracy). Henry Ford made a hemp based car. He can be seen on an old video hitting a hemp car with an axe, with no damage to it. The hemp car was 10 times stronger and 10 times lighter than its steel counterpart. An European scooter manufacturer now makes hemp scooters. Hemp would have replaced the wood pulp industry, as it could be harvested several times a year, as opposed to trees every few decades (see yellow journalism conspiracy). Hemp can also be used in building houses, clothing, wallets, etc. It's time to legalize hemp, which has little or no THC compared to its cousin marijuana (see Run From the Cure on youtube).
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